A Short Ode to Google Now

Post Holiday Blues

It’s Monday afternoon, and it’s my third week back at work since being off on holiday (although it feels like it has been longer). Being married to a Malaysian, I’m lucky to be able to visit Kuala Lumpur every few years, and last month was one such holiday. Three glorious weeks of good weather, good food and good company.


Any feelings of jetlag are long gone, although I only finished unpacking my suitcase last weekend. I took my trusty Nexus 4 with me, so all my holiday photos are backed up to my Google+ account. That said, I’ve decided to write a short post on how useful Google Now was. Sit back and enjoy!

Flight Delayed

I woke up very early on the morning of Saturday 26th of April. Not only did Google Now provide me with my flight details, but also informed me that the flight had been delayed by 2 hours:


This actually allowed me to relax in Heathrow and get something to eat in peace. No need to keep an eye on the clock or departure gate board.

Location – Kuala Lumpur

For the purposes of this blog, I won’t go into the details of how to keep a 1 year old entertained on a 13 hour flight. However, there’s plenty to see and do in Kuala Lumpur – check out the nearby attractions:


And recommended photo spots:


Other useful cards included local translations:


Currency exchange rate:


As well as the time back home:


I spent my first weekend in Langkawi, so the weather report was useful:



So yes, Google Now is useful when travelling, and yes, I do miss the 30 degree heat. One of the nice things when I got home was the auto created digital scrapbook of my holiday that is the Google+ “Stories” feature:





Back to work then.


2 responses to “A Short Ode to Google Now

  1. I’ve never given Google Now much a good go before but I think I will now. I also applaud the 13hr flying with toddlers. Lesser people would’ve crumbled I’m sure.

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